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The place to discuss Compile Heart & Idea Factory’s Neptunia franchise on Lemmy.

==Community Rules==

  1. Follow the instance-wide rules set up by the site admins.
  2. Content should focus on Neptunia, but discussions/fanart of other Compile Heart properties (e.g. Fairy Fencer F, Mary Skelter, etc.) are also allowed so long as it doesn’t detract too much from the community topic.
  3. If posting fanart, please credit the original author of the art. If the fanart in question is yours, please state as such.
  4. If posting NSFW content (e.g. nudity), please mark the post as NSFW.
  5. Due to Lemmy’s current restrictions, if posting a spoiler, please put spoiler images in the body of the post. Also please mention that the post is a spoiler for the game you are spoiling in the title.
  6. Please be polite and respect others at all times. Harassment, including but not limited to racism, xenophobia, and transphobia, will not be tolerated. Trolling is also not allowed.
  7. Illegal content, such as paywalled or private art, is strictly forbidden. However, fan translations of the manga will be allowed until there is a point where they get an official translation by Idea Factory International.

==Related Off-Site Communities==

Due to the rather niche nature of the Neptunia franchise, feel free to check out these other communities for more discussions (and tell them that I said hi):

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