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Comic Strips is a community for those who love comic stories.

The rules are simple:

  • The post can be a single image, an image gallery, or a link to a specific comic hosted on another site (the author’s website, for instance).
  • The comic must be a complete story.
  • If it is an external link, it must be to a specific story, not to the root of the site.
  • You may post comics from others or your own.
  • If you are posting a comic of your own, a maximum of one per week is allowed (I know, your comics are great, but this rule helps avoid spam).
  • The comic can be in any language, but if it’s not in English, OP must include an English translation in the post’s ‘body’ field (note: you don’t need to select a specific language when posting a comic).
  • Politeness.
  • Adult content is not allowed. This community aims to be fun for people of all ages.

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