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Hello new Lemmy friends!

Word on the street tells us our community is regularly making it the all page. While this is very cool news to hear, we can see how the sudden emergence of our posts in your feed might feel jarring and probably raises some questions. And also how, without knowing the backstory, our community might appear less than virtuous, so here’s a very brief introduction which hopefully will clear a few things up.

The woman we’re discussing is a body positive influencer and media personality who has gained fame and wealth by lying, manipulating, exploiting her children for content, plagiarizing BIPOC creators and blaming her BIPOC content editor for it (thereby ruining her career), among other things. Her fraudulent behavior is no different (I’d argue worse) from the likes of Jay Shetty (google him if you don’t know who he is or what he did). She’s the latest in a long line of grifting influencers who are abusing their power, taking advantage of their position and exploiting their followers. The difference is that she’s Canadian. Our laws around social media and advertising aren’t as clear (and where they are she’s disobeyed them), add to that, our mainstream media has protected her from those who’ve tried to expose her grift and silenced/intimidated anyone who’s tried to speak out.

Our Reddit sub was taken down due to reports of copyright infringement, which is unfounded and categorically untrue as no one ever tried to steal her work and pass it off as their own. The mods have made an appeal. While at first glance it may seem like we’re just “shitting on her” the sub has been more devoted to investigation and posting proof of her lies than just bitching for the sake of bitching. The reality is that she’s hurt, manipulated and let down a lot of people. She stole intellectual property and employment, caused mental distress and has repeatedly told lies to boost engagement and profit off her audience, so people are understandably upset that their voices are being silenced.

We’re grateful to have been welcomed so kindly by so many of you, and to those sticking around to watch the drama unfold, we’re glad to have you!

**all posts are alleged.


-Please follow Lemmy content guidelines. See https://lemmy.ca/

-Minor’s Right to Privacy: No posts about the children whatsoever. No mention of full names and no photos. Minors must be completely removed from all photos/videos. No exceptions. This goes for ANY child. No just TBP’s.

-No snarking on the character or appearance of any of the children. This is a site dedicated to Sarah Landry.

-No posting information that is not readily available online/NoDoxxing: Influencers post an abundance of personal information online. Examples of doxxing include:

  • Posting an individual’s phone number or address on the internet.
  • Releasing information about an individual’s family, place of employment, or other private documents.
  • Encouraging others to use released information to harass an individual.

-Comments Regarding Mental Health: Jokes or Snide remarks about mental health or unaliving oneself will not be tolerated under any circumstances. No armchair diagnosing.

-Do not post or solicit communication with TBP or related influencers: This includes screenshots and references to ‘this is what I commented.’ Please message a mod if you would like to share anything anonymously.

-No racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, body shaming or other ism/bigotry.

-No TBP crusaders

-No commenting with the sole purpose of being rude/insulting: while criticism/debate is welcome on the page, being purposefully mean, insulting and rude is not.

-No brigading/incitement of mass harassment. Do not post links to affiliate sites, or incite members of the sub to brigade against TBP/related parties (this includes brands).

-Fact check and do your homework: Make sure to research before posting. If you are posting photos or videos that are filtered/photoshopped, make sure it is blatantly obvious. No rumours. no speculations (example Ozempic use).

-No overly vulgar language.

-No advertisement of any kind

-No duplicate posts

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Welcome to Lemmy.ca!

Lemmy.ca” is so named due to it running the Lemmy software, in the Fediverse, and it’s geared toward Canadians, hosted in Canada, and run by Canadians. It is, however, not at all restricted to Canadians, or Canadian culture/topics/etc. All are welcome!

We have some rules here:

1. No Bigotry

Including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, or xenophobia.

2. Be Civil

Argue in good faith, attack the argument; not the person, and promote a healthy debate.

3. No Porn

This instance is not made to host porn communities. You’re free to access porn communities on other instances through your account, but be mindful of Rule 4.

4. Use the NSFW tag

Use your common sense: if you wouldn’t want this image to show up on your work computer, tag it as such.

5. No Ads / Spam

This instance is not there to act as your billboard. If you want to promote your personal work, at least make the effort to be a contributing member of this community. Your account purpose shouldn’t be to only advertise, make it natural.

6. Bot account

If you are the operator of a “bot” account, make sure to flag is as such in the account’s settings.

7. Right to privacy

Do NOT distribute the personal information of someone else without their consent (aka doxxing). Information that is public domain can be shared, provided it is in good faith.
ex: The official email of an elected official is fair, the private phone number or the real name of a non-public person is NOT.

8. Report abuse

The report function isn’t labelled the disagree button. You might not agree with someone, but that doesn’t mean what the person says is against the rules. Using it repeately in this fashion will lead to actions being taken against the reporter.

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